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Customer Reviews

Not Having To Be Anywhere But Exactly Where It Is


Chill, electronic rhythms and tones that make for varied, packaged songs...I was on a journey of tune-surfing from similar artist to similar artist, when I stumbled upon this release. Off the bat, this hit the spot. I haven't even listened all the way through, yet I'm bottled up with excitement at the beauty of this sound. For fans of Ochre, (early) Telefon Tel Aviv, Helios, and anything with soft layers of rhythmatic glitch tones juxtaposed against stringed instruments and piano, this album is a must listen. It moves gracefully, not having to be anywhere but exactly where it is. It's the post-rock symbiosis of chill-out electronic.

This guy, this album


Is absolutely brilliant, simple, elegant and beautiful. This guy is my hero for writing this. If I could write exactly what I wanted to write, this would be it. It just hits that spot. That food dude reviewer nailed it, I'm just here to reiterate it's specialness. Buy this album, you should support him. Create more!

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