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Customer Reviews

Prog Music at It's Finest

Chaos Laptop,

In the traditions of progressive artists using their skills to explore both the depths of musical expression and the things that nag at the corners of their minds, Tom Griesgraber and Bert Lams have taken that art to a new level with Unnamed Lands.

This is a work that was years in development. Based on the concept of looking through the eyes and emotions of those who crossed and settled a new land, the artists use the Chapman Stick and stee-string guitar to paint a picture for us of what this must have been like.

Tom and Bert are extremely skilled musicians. They dip their paintbrushes in the paintpots of rock, prog rock, classical, and even folk/traditional styles to develop a style and character of their own that identifies as two of the most talented musicians you are likely to come across.

The result is a lush landscape that will allow you to follow along on this wonderful journey as the story unfolds within your mind.

My ears are very, very glad that I treated them to Unnamed Lands.

A journey for your ears and your mind

the Bowpeeps (D3),

If you listen to this album start to finished you are immediately impressed by the musicianship and creativity from Tom and Bert. What makes this album special is the story behind the music, and that story is told in the album liner notes that are accompanied by wonderful sepia tone drawings. Take a look, and a listen, and let your imagination run along the trails through the Unnamed Lands.

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