18 Songs, 44 Minutes


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Spoken Word Magic !

Music Lover 731

I love this ! Chanel Speedy is a wonderfully talented poet and spoken word artist - She has a lot of important messages to share, and I love the way she delivers her eloquent words with a variety of background music, which keeps Unprecedent Acoustics fresh and interesting. Bravo !!!

I Highly Recommend this Album to Anyone Who Enjoys Interesting and Positive Spoken Words

Russ Suereth

Here is an enjoyable and interesting collection of topics from a talented artist. Chanel Speedy has roots in Harlem and is a spoken word artist. She uses a keen sense of vocabulary to creatively express insights through her wonderful recordings.

Her album "Unprecedent Acoustics" is an eclectic compilation of current events, humor and concerns that are important to many of us. One of my favorite tracks on this album is "Alone" where Chanel uses her strong and confident style to describe her upbeat take on being alone, and the positive direction that a person can get from that. I highly recommend this album to anyone who enjoys interesting and positive words in the world of the spoken word.

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