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Mastered for iTunes


Mastered for iTunes

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4.8 out of 5
92 Ratings
92 Ratings
King Pig III ,

Better than people say

This album is way better than given credit for. Here, have a track by track
1. Uprising- Simple and amazing bass oriented rock track 10/10
2. The Resistance- Wonderful with the ambient synths, piano and just tone of this alt rock track 10/10
3. Undisclosed Desires- No. Just no. It's not that I'm a "it needs to be heavy" nerd, it's just the fact that this song is irritating. 5/10
4. United States of Eurasia- Another stinker for me. This track has four parts. The parts are good individually. However, it feels like here they were mushed together, and really poorly done. 6/10
5. Guiding Light- This song is pretty freaking good. Chilling guitar solo, catchy song, one of Muse's happier sounding songs. 10/10
6. Unnatural Selection- Despite the preachiness of this song, it's got cool lyrics and a rock hard feel that makes you want to chant and shout and do stuff. 10/10
7. MK Ultra- It's pretty good, it's taken a while though it didn't have an immediate grabbing point, nice rock track 8/10
8. I Belong To You (Some French Crap I Don't Understand)- I love this song to death. It makes me want to dance as soon as it comes on, and it has a nice little slow part in the middle. I only wish it stopped after the slow part and didn't rehash the beginning 9/10
9, 10, 11. Exogenesis Symphony- Part 1 is really good when you can understand what he's saying. Part 2 is hard to get into but once you do it's really good. Part 3 is also a really good "hope" song just wished there was more singing. Nice way to end the album, get these songs 9.5/10
Overall 9/10

A Reviewer of Stuff ,


This album ended up taking a bit (more like two years) to grown on me since I first heard it, but now, it’s hands-down one of my favorite albums. I especially love Exogenesis Symphony, MK Ultra, and Unnatural Selection, which are songs only Muse could’ve pulled off, really.

Things I liked about the album:
- Progression of tracks
- Diversity of styles & genre blending
- The cover art 🔥
- Departure from & similarities to previous albums
- It had the best production of any Muse album (when it was released)

Things I didn’t like about the album in, like, 2010 that I now appreciate:
- United States of Eurasia is a really good song but really weird and kind of trite
- Why did they end USE with Chopin??
- Matt singing in French on I Belong To You (which is an amazing song, btw...idk why I didn’t like it; his pronunciation is spot-on)

tl;dr I love Muse.

Fortnite Fan 2009865 ,


This was the Album that got me into them. Uprising was my roots man. I love the songs from Uprising to MK Ultra. After that, it’s just weird. I don’t like Belong to you or the Exogenesis. Those were the things that pulled it back for me.

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