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Celebrating an extraordinary 27-year personal and musical friendship, URBAN SOUL is the compelling first album under the name Urbanity by renowned Australian musicians, guitarist Albare and keyboardist Phil Turcio. Packed with dreamy, sensual melodies, lush atmospheres, easy funk, and touches of traditional jazz improvisation, the collection showcases innate instincts and gorgeous grooves that can only happen when two musical titans share this kind of history. Reuniting after many years, the duo paved the way for Urbanity when Turcio joined Albare’s band International Travel Diary, which toured the world from 2012 to 2014; Turcio later played on two Albare solo recordings. Smooth Jazz fans across the globe are sure to be seduced by the jazzy vibes of URBAN SOUL!

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So soulful! I just love the way the simple and laid-back groove allows the guitar and electric piano to take center stage improvising and playing the melodies. I especially love the use of the synth on DON’T LOOK BACK, giving the guitar sound just enough edge and drive. Impressive improvisation, and the overall mix is beautifully balanced.

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