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29 Ratings


This album came as a surprise to me. I'm a fan of their last album but haven't really followed their career since. However, after listening to this album in full, i am in love with it. I love the sounds. It's fresh and I like the fact that his vocals are placed on each song. Definitely an album I'll be playing for the rest of this year.


V for Variable

Millionyoung AKA Mike Diaz evokes the dreamy hazy atmosphere of what it's like to drive along the Florida Keys, experience the nightlife of Miami, be consumed by Orlando and all it's commercialism, or simply walk through the marshlands avoiding wild boar and alligators. Whatever feelings the listener retains, it's always peaceful and serene.

With Variable, it does just that and with a consistent theme being "love". Not just coincidence it released right around Valentine's Day. Is he himself in love? Or perhaps in spirit of the time of year to put out ballads of the pitter patter of heartbeats? Interpret what you will but it's nice for a change of pace from his more cryptic lyrics washed and almost unrecognizable over the production of making it sound like a cassette tape that was in the Atlantic ocean for twenty odd years.

Here Mike's voice is almost always clear and yes at times his lyrics in this release sound "cheesy" but when one is head over heels you can't help that. There is a sincerity to his voice that carries throughout, making it overall quite enjoyable for many listens to come.

herbis franklin was here.

high 5

Mike and Kris nailed it. i love it.

About Millionyoung

Florida native Mike Diaz goes by the name MillionYoung, and pools elements of Animal Collective, Toro y Moi, and New Order into his drowsy, circular soundscapes. Like fellow chillwavers, he sings wistfully over a blend of acoustic instruments and electronic programming, and uses a retro ‘80s palette of synth sounds. After the Be So True EP and Sunndreamm EP generated a buzz online in 2010, Diaz announced that his first full-length, Replicants, would become available in early 2011. ~ Jason Lymangrover





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