11 Songs, 52 Minutes


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Mistaish ,


Hey Hey just finished listening to your new release on itunes.
Superfantastic job. Sounds solid recorded & mixed very well.
My favorite songs are, NewYork City Street. I hear it in a movie
sound track in the near future, Velours is dope and 30 Days horn
section is killing. It has a slight Steely Dan feel to me. Phased is
also a good tune.

WKellerman ,


Opening the album with ’Love Divine’, a lovely collaboration with Mano Korani Camara, Ghent sets a high standard for what is to come…

Later, this mesmerising sweetness is echoed again with another favourite, ’Love Will Keep
Strong’, and ‘Linger’ which captivates with a tenderness enhanced by the acoustic guitar and orchestral elements.

A more pop feel is found on tracks like ‘While It's Got To Be You’ and ’New York City
Streets’, with it’s irresistible funky progression.

But it’s not simply Valerie Ghent’s exploration of genres that shows her versatility - it’s her
emotionality, vast range & vocal prowess, along with the backing of top musicians that make
this a solid album with wide appeal!

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