7 Songs, 26 Minutes


An intimate performance of this acclaimed songwriter’s 2015 album.


An intimate performance of this acclaimed songwriter’s 2015 album.


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4.8 out of 5

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28 Ratings

This voice is spell binding


I truly enjoyed the original Venus, a mix of styles, but this is reminiscent of those Civil War days where Joy's voice is so pure, haunting, soul reaching.. I'm in awe. Please tour!



The original renditions of these songs were bone-shaking, goose bump-giving tracks, but somehow stripped back they are all the more powerful. Joy, you are incredible. I’ve never really known an artist whose music constantly finds the words I can’t find myself, in every instance, but Joy does. And her voice has the power to match. I am constantly impressed by how much emotion she can elicit in a single note - and that’s what brings the shivers.
If you know her from The Civil Wars, she’s only grown - stronger and more beautiful. So thank you Joy, thank you for sharing your incredible gift. <3

No words🕯🌾🌼


There are no words to the magic in Joy William's voice. Not only does her voice hypnotize my heart and soul but so does her passion and spirit. All that encompasses Joy is revealed through her music and it constantly captivating her audiences. Thank you Joy for pushing through all the heartache and dark abyss you've had to overcome. We all deal with the black void that tries to overtake our souls. Thanks for paving the way to healing. You've made an impact on me more than you know. Keep that magic alive, but if it ever fades I know you'll find it in a hidden corner somewhere.

About Joy Williams

Joy Elizabeth Williams initially planned on a career in journalism or family therapy. Instead, the California resident signed with Reunion Records at the age of 17 and released her debut project in 2001. Mixing elements of contemporary Christian music into an intimate form of pop music, she enjoyed a successful CCM career during the early 2000s, earning multiple nominations at the Dove Awards and selling over 250,000 copies of her first three albums. Williams eventually expanded beyond the sacred world, serving as a songwriter for Warner/Chappell Music and founding her own company, Sensibility Music, with husband Nate Yetton. She also formed an acclaimed acoustic folk duo, the Civil Wars, with fellow songwriter John Paul White.

Williams grew up in the Santa Cruz Mountains on the central coast of California, where her father, Roger Williams, served as the executive director of Mt. Hermon Christian Conference Center. In interviews, Williams would later state that living in an environment that hosted prominent spiritual leaders led her to become "a learned extrovert." During high school, she excelled and was often labeled a super-achiever, maintaining a 4.0 GPA while also filling the roles of varsity athlete and student body president. At the age of 14, Williams was offered a recording contract, but she turned down the opportunity to pursue a normal childhood. When a second recording contract was presented to her three years later, however, she signed. Her debut album was recorded during her final years in high school, and Williams followed it with 2002's By Surprise and 2005's Genesis.

After Genesis' release, Williams ended her relationship with Reunion Records and began writing songs for other artists. She returned to her solo career in 2009, releasing a series of EPs under her Sensibility Music label. That same year, she also released Live at Eddie's Attic, which marked her debut with John Paul White as secular Americana/folk act the Civil Wars. Prior to the duo's 2014 split, they won four Grammy Awards and topped the Billboard 200 with their second, self-titled album. Williams emerged with Venus, her first solo album in a decade in the summer of 2015. The set was produced by Matto Morris, Charlie Peacock, and Daniel James, with Williams, her husband Nate Yetton, and Justin Timberlake listed as executive producers. ~ Ashleigh Kittle

    Mount Hermon, CA
  • BORN
    November 14, 1982




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