4 Songs, 13 Minutes


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Blazing Guitars, Pounding Drums, Screaming Hot Vocals, Vibrating Bass!

Mary Cary

This band of scalding hot dudes with big hair and tight pants, know how to take testosterone to the mAXXXimum level. Every girl will fantasize about slapping on their highest heels, stickiest tight pants, wettest red lipstick, sneaking out their bedroom window, jumping into their best friend's Camaro and burning rubber to the nearest Roadrunner gig. Good job men. Teenage Warcry! OwWWeee CALIENTE... Welcome to iTunes Roadrunner!


Teenage Reptile

I saw Metallica open for these guys at The Old Waldorf back in the early 80’s and was hooked. The best Bay Area big hair band EVER! Cheers guys, I want to hear more.

True Gem!


Great Bay Area band, this is a true gem!
Amazing band

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