14 Songs, 1 Hour 15 Minutes


Fourteen live tracks inspired by the story of an Old Testament battle.


Fourteen live tracks inspired by the story of an Old Testament battle.


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100 Ratings
Awesome!)! ,


No doubt there’s anointing behind these songs. However It’s unfortunate they’ve lost all the creatives that made Bethel such a unique and special thing. Amanda Cook, Steffany Gretzinger, Bobby Strand, and Chris Greely’s presence is definitely missed on this. Curious if this is just a one time project without them or if they have moved on.

emilyelizabeth88 ,

No Amanda or Steffany?

Some of the songs are good, but without Amanda & Steffany, it won’t be a favorite.

JJdizzle778 ,

I wanted to love it....

As a fellow Worship pastor I applaud Bethel for this Album and the lives I believe it will touch through the very personal stories in these songs. Many of their songs and music over the years have really ministered to me and God has used powerfully in a mighty way. And I’m also grateful for their influence on the church as a whole As I’ve noticed many ministries have become more open to the Holy Spirit moving in their worship sets that would otherwise stick to more of a hard line structure in the past.

With that said though also coming from the position of someone passionate about worship and songwriting I’m a bit disappointed with the lack of the quality of the writing on this album.

The thing is this isn’t just a bethel thing it’s a issue I believe in the music industry in general and especially with worship albums becoming so mainstream. I feel like the pressure to be releasing a new album every year and to constantly be pushing new stuff out has actually hurt the worship scene and songwriting in general.

Every new bethel album I feel like there are less and less songs that click or pull me in and I feel like many of the songs start to take more of a generic route because they just had to have a new song for the next album. I know this is not the heart of Bethel to just make money but the pressure to sustain and constantly put something new out I feel has taking what could of been an amazing album to an average album at best. Again I really love you guys and everything you’re doing but please take what is said in this review as constructive criticism. Thanks

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