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Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics.


Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics.

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4.3 out of 5
49 Ratings
49 Ratings
Name in progress ,

A Case of Cancelation

I don't like Attila. This statement alone is enough for any fan of theirs to discredit everything that I am about to say. But before you do, at least have an open mind and hear out my opinions on this record because not all of what I'll say here is negative.

First things first: this album feels like being slammed in the gut with a sledgehammer. From top to bottom, this album will leave you in stitches on heaviness alone. The opening riff of "Toxic" being a highlight for me personally. Honestly it's the best part about this record, but the rest of what's on display is what I've come to expect.

You can just smell the beer radiating from songs like "Blackout", which incorporates these cringey electronic noises that are 9 years too late. And the vocalist especially brings the entire thing to a halt, sounding in his clean bits like what would happen if a goblin was the frontman of Blood on the Dance Floor. And as a metal band, they still carry the same lyrical weight of modern rap: the subject matter consists of the same stuff (party life) with nothing interesting or thought-provoking to add to the experience.

This album is a case of two forces canceling each other out. Whereas the instrumentation is great, the lyrical weight of it all counteracts it and I left feeling unfazed by it. Bring Me The Horizon's "amo" did a better job in one album what Attila's been trying to do their whole career.

Davizzle21 ,

Good bad music

I never took this band seriously. I do find their music to be trash, but in a good way. It's like The Room, it's a bad movie, but that's what makes it good. I feel the same way when I listen to this band. Bad writing, crappy beats, poorly done production; but that's what I like about it. This is something that I will listen to if I feel like shutting my brain off for a while. It's good bad music.

Lorenzo_Von_Matterhorn ,

Fun to listen to

Nothing groundbreaking, but Attila know how to write bangers. It’s heavy, it’s catchy, and it’s still good after multiple listens.

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