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7 Ratings

retroGRAD3 ,

It's ok

I am a huge fan of Frank K. This album is ok, but seems kind of uninspired. I bought this and infiltrator and the latter blew me away. Infiltrator had more variety and seemed to flow much better, 5 stars all the way.

This album too though had a few really good stands outs particularly the sci fi ones. However, they ended way too soon. This album in general is very short with the longest song being 4 minutes and most averaging around 2:45. I mentioned the sci fi songs were good, but the other half of songs are very generic guitar songs. I usually don't mind the harder songs but on this album they are very plain and usually are just the same looping riff for 2 minutes. They also don't flow very well with the overall sci fi theme of the album.

In any case there are still some good tracks on here, but I would recommend Rocktronic, Virtual Control, or Infiltrator instead of this album as they are amazing albums.

Pandaperson ,

Pretty darn rad -- and that's a good thing.

I imagine Frank K must be kind of a goofy guy to be around. There's plenty of largely-synthetic techno rock on iTunes these days, and I've always thought the good ones have one thing about their version of it that makes them stand out. In my opinion, Frank's standout quality is blisfully-ignorant goofiness. Viratia is just the latest of his awesome, goofy solo work.

As I understand it, this is a concept album for some kinda futuristic spy movie/comic book/cereal box and so the theme for the non-balls-to-the-wall part of the record is bouncy, sneaky spy tunes such as in bits of "Mind Prison" and "Overpower". It even goes down all the way to basically purely ambient stuff with the opening track, something I haven't really heard Frank do before. I like it as setting the scene for a concept album, and since the whole thing is so short I usually want to listen to the whole thing every time.

Yeah, on that note, it's just a smidge over half an hour long, so if you have some internal $10 = more than 30 minutes metric then you'll probably want to skip it. For me, though... I can't get enough of this stuff. The riffs are awesome, and the goofiness makes it more awesome. I mean, I remember listening to "Gonna Rock Yo Body" on Morphscape and thinking that Frank couldn't possibly write anything sillier. Or cooler. "Seize the Human Side" is his unconscious response to my thought.

All I gotta say is.... touchè.

Anyway, I think this thing is sweet and totally worth buying, especially if you already like Frank Klepacki's music. Teh end!

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