12 Songs, 1 Hour 12 Minutes


About Cavern of Anti-Matter

Berlin-based trio Cavern of Anti-Matter use treated instruments and experimental electronics as the foundations of their Krautrock-indebted sound. Before forming the group with synth player/general electronic manipulator Holger Zapf in the winter of 2012, multi-instrumentalist Tim Gane and drummer Joe Dilworth spent years together recording and performing in the critically lauded kosmische pop group Stereolab. The mini-album Blood Drums was recorded completely in mono to analog tape, then digitally altered to replicate stereo. The album saw release on double-vinyl on the Grautag label in 2013; the 12" You're an Art Soul EP also appeared on Associated Electronic Recordings that year. Two more short releases, 2014's Interlude Music and Total Availability & the Private Future, arrived prior to 2016's official debut album, Void Beats/Invocation Trex, which featured collaborations with Mouse on Mars' Jan St. Werner, Sonic Boom, and Deerhunter's Bradford Cox. For 2018's freewheeling Hormone Lemonade, the trio embellished on several hours' worth of rhythm experiments that Zapf recorded on the Takron Z3 and Z2 and Gane edited into rough structures. ~ Fred Thomas

Berlin, Germany



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