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The best music you've never heard

Tip in NC,

This album was introduced to me by a friend who is into techno but also likes rock music. I see a great blending of the two in this album. Sounds kinda like Madonna but with awesome riffs. Give it a chance, I promise you won't be disappointed.

Love it!


Love these two. I can never get tired of listening to their albums. Check out their MySpace page for some new singles.

About NaNa

The album and soundtrack of the popular film based on the manga book Nana was credited to its main character, performed -- both in the film, its sequel, and the accompanying soundtracks -- by a widely popular Japanese born (Hioki, Kagoshima on February 19, 1983) singer, actress, and model named Mika Nakashima. Nakashima had released a pair of albums that were huge hits in Japan before securing the lead role in the aforementioned film. The accompanying promotion, including a full-length soundtrack (Nana Starring Mika Nakashima) and hit singles, catapulted Nakashima's popularity even higher, ultimately resulting in a sequel to the film (Nana 2), which was released in 2006. ~ Chris True

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