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29 Ratings

September mourning


Legitimately the best band ever it was well worth the money I recommend that you buy buy buy

Absolutely Tremendous


I can honestly say it's been a while since I have been so impressed by a new (to me) artist. This is a refreshing blast of metal which I've been hoping for a long time, I would stumble across!
September's vocals do something few others do - take you into a song, into a place, into a feeling. I would liken it to the experience I had the first time I heard Bruce Dickinson, Rob Halford, or Geoff Tate - she doesn't just sing, she transports you, and that is the magic I long for in Metal today. Add to that a tremendous rhythmic band supporting her compelling vocals, and you have a true gem of an album (I dated myself calling it that, didn't I!) All I can say, is if you are on the fence, trust me - cross over, buy this record, you will thank yourself for it.



Can't stop playing this, this is absolutely EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

About September Mourning

Billed as a "transmedia dark culture project" by creators Emily Lazar and Top Cow Comics founder Marc Silvestri, September Mourning utilizes numerous platforms to spin a wild narrative about a human-reaper hybrid named September, played by Lazar, traveling through the worlds of both the living and the dead. Delivered to the public via recorded music, comic books, live concerts, and online webisodes, September Mourning released Melancholia, a full-length collection of early demos, in 2011. A new single, "Before the Fall," dropped the following year and saw the project headed in a more commercial, electro-goth metal direction, and by 2013 they had inked a deal with Virgin Records. The Howard Benson-produced single "Children of Fate" appeared in late 2014, and in 2015 they issued an eponymous EP as well as an accompanying comic book called A Murder of Reapers, the latter of which was funded by a 2014 Kickstarter campaign. The hard rock/graphic novel project's official debut long-player, Volume II, followed in 2016. ~ James Christopher Monger




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