17 Songs, 1 Hour 12 Minutes


About John Berenzy

Guitarist John Berenzy has been a busy musician on the New York music scene since the '70s. Born in Jackson Heights, NY, he discovered music early on in life, and had little trouble immersing himself in it -- apart from whatever musical interests his family pursued as such, the family also rented rooms out to jazz musicians who, in many instances, when they couldn't pay their rent, left their record collections. He thus had the chance to hear what sounded important and significant to people who actually made music for a living. It was through such acquisitions that he discovered the work of Django Reinhardt, who was his major inspiration for taking up the guitar. He entered professional music in the '70s and has never looked back, playing in numerous musical settings with other artists as well as releasing various solo recordings over the years. He was part of the new wave scene in New York in the late '70s, alongside Patti Smith and Television, and since then has issued such albums as Votive Light and Sacred Heart, the latter an all-acoustic recording. He has also released a two-CD anthology entitled Far City. His Out of Darkness album arrived in 2009. Berenzy has also published poetry, including a volume of his work entitled Evolove. ~ Bruce Eder