20 Songs, 56 Minutes


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3.8 out of 5
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32 Ratings
That smart guy ,

Great in Context

You really have to see the movie to understand the meaning behind the music; otherwise it's a bunch of vapid autotuned pop songs and two renditions of a ballad by people who aren't the best singers followed by a bunch of creepy orchestral music. Don't take it at face value: the point of the pop songs is that they're impersonal, soulless and crass (albeit catchy). Wrapped Up is hauntingly beautiful and the only song that was actually personal to 'Celeste'. And the orchestral stuff is programmatic, so without the visual of the movie it doesn't really mean much, though it still sounds cool on its own. I don't think I've ever heard an autotuned choir before... pretty nifty!

1234567980 ,

very excited

i cannot wait for the release of this album ad film. the three pre released songs are beautifully written by sia and performed by Natalie and Raffey, I am very impressed by their voices. definitely makes me more excited to see the film!

Jcaseychapman ,

See the film before you review

This movie topped my list of best films of 2018. The music featured here, written by Sia (the sung tracks), are key to understanding the film and the character. This is the true version of “A Star Is Born” for the age we are in now. A national tragedy turns a innocent, scared, and scarred girl into an international pop star. One song - based on tragedy - and written by her (arguably) more talented sister - thrusts the character of Celeste into pop culture which proceeds to exploit and sexualize her. The evidence are these songs. Sia has written, purposefully, pop songs that could easily appear on today’s radio. There is not hint of humanity in them, in the voice, nor in the lyrics at first glance. That is the tragedy of Celeste.

That being said / the music is still great. “Blinded by Love” was actually my favorite song of the year.

Natalie Portman doesn’t have much of a “voice” - because that is not the point. I’m sure she’s actually a great singer. But much like Britney and other pop princesses - the voice doesn’t matter.

See the movie - and then enjoy the soundtrack. It’s a brilliant album. Brilliant movie. Great work from Everyone involved