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Based on the four irresistible pre-release singles, "Waiting on the Sun" proves that Jule Vera has evolved beautifully from a catchy rock band into an entity that defies musical genres. -Christopher Long (Ink 19 / MUEN Magazine)

First Preorder— Completely Worth It


This is an amazing album. This band is my best find all year! I don't know if that will ever become untrue. This is the first album I've ever preordered because no band has ever given me enough confidence that I'm gonna love every song on the album before they're released...but Jule Vera did and I couldn't be happier! I wanted to give the album a few listens before I reviewed it. Now I can't stop listening. There's a song for everyone on this album. It's great and has a transformative sound throughout. I highly recommend it, if you couldn't tell.

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