8 Songs, 33 Minutes


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I Strongly Recommend this Album to Anyone Who Likes Excellent Alternative Rock

Russ Suereth

Here is an excellent album from a versatile and talented singer/songwriter. Gordon Malboeuf lives in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. He writes and produces his own songs, co-writes with other artists and songwriters and has served as Producer and Executive Producer on numerous projects. His recent album "Pulling Down on Me", is a fine collection of Alternative Rock with Country flavors blended in.

One of my favorite tracks on the album is "Mile Marker 152", which has a steady and compelling rhythm. This song highlights the rich and engaging vocals of Mr. Malboeuf. In the melody and harmonies, Gordon provides skilled and composed nuances that make his voice and the entire album interesting and appealing. I strongly recommend this album to anyone who likes excellent Alternative Rock.

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