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“The New York-based thrash/groove metal quartet more than live up to their rep for relentless aggression on WAR FOR AN IDEA, but never at the expense of finesse. IKILLYA approach the weird bits that ultimately make their third album more than a mere collection of killer songs with just as much restraint and consideration…” - 8/10 Decibel Magazine

"Their most ferocious release...this is more than just an album. It’s a confrontational demand for sanity in a world that has lost its mind." - 4.3/5 SkullsNBones.com

“One of the most furious, yet focused releases of 2017” - Ghost Cult Magazine

“War For An Idea is also the best Ikillya have ever sounded, keeping their aggression and edge while also benefitting from better production” - Decibel Magazine

“One of the must own records of 2017” - Ghost Cult Magazine

“Melodic thrash riffing, balls to the wall dissonance, commanding harsh vocals and quick/intricate precise drumming are what this album’s all about.” - Welcome to the metal

“New York’s sonic equivalent to Lamb of God” - Metalinsider.net


Red Bebe,

Strong material but wish the production was a bit more modern that said it has a very live edge.

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