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Big departure, but not bad


While I can appreciate their need to grow and expand their sound, this new album just doesn’t blow me away like their first one did. I think the appeal of IAMDYNAMITE was the fact it’s just two guys up on stage, rocking your face off. This new effort is just a little too subdued for me to love it the way I did their previous work. Don’t get me wrong, there’s good stuff here, but I think I just got spoiled in the past, and was hoping to get more of the same. Maybe that’s a “me” problem, but it doesn’t change the fact I love this band. Great effort, it just fell a little short for me.

Great sophomore release from this talented duo


Wasa Tusa is a departure from Iamdynamite's first album Supermegafantastic. This album shows their diversity and growth as artists. It reminds me a bit of The Police Synchronicity album from back in the day. I am enjoying it immensely. ❤️💥☀️


Indie rock duo Iamdynamite alternate between punk, new wave, glitter, and garage rock-influenced music with a bent toward the melodic alt-rock of the '90s. Formed in the Detroit area, Iamdynamite features guitarist/vocalist Christopher Martin and drummer/vocalist Chris Phillips. In 2008, Blue October bassist Matt Noveskey signed the band to his Brando Records label and produced the group's initial EP. In 2012, Iamdynamite released their Noveskey-produced, effervescent, debut full-length, Supermegafantastic. It was followed in 2015 by the more reflective, new wave-inspired Wasa Tusa, co-produced Noveskey and the band. ~ Matt Collar & Marcy Donelson



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