11 Songs, 54 Minutes

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Guitarded, mind-blowing

Kevin Stewart,

There is not a guitar player out there who has achieved the level virtuosity in not just one, but multiple genres, as Guthrie Govan has. The playing is flawless, and the songs are as catchy as they are musical. The tone, the articulation, the technique; FLAWLESS. You can jam to these songs! As stated in a previous review, Guthrie is the guitar player's guitar player. This album should be in ANY aspiring guitarist's collection. If you haven't heard these songs or seen Mr. Govan perform yet, you will be blown away by the uncanny ability of this man.

Amazing Album!


I am so glad to see that this is once again available. This album is simply fantastic. Guthrie is the quintessential "guitar-player's guitar player. Every song is as good at the last - you will not be skipping songs on this one to get to "a better song". I cannot recommend this album highly enough.

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