"We Bring the Rock 'n' roll [Explicit] - EP" by Phil X & The Drills on iTunes

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Rick Brown,

The Drills are such an unbelievably talented band - this new album has instantly become my favourite! Everything about these songs is great - the musicianship is out of this world. I can't believe that Phil can play AND sing "Talk you off the ledge". It's such an awesome rhythm and a cool song. "We bring the rock n roll" should be the song we all have cued up the minute the clock hits 5:00 - it will bring you back to life!! I bought the "clean" version of this album as well for my kids who really loved "Air Hockey Champion of the World" from their other album which isn't linked to this one for some reason. Search for "The Drills" and you'll find it. Such fantastic music!!

Straight Forward Rock n Roll


Phil X & The Drills live up to the album title. Every song is a gem, no filler here. Phil is a fantastically gifted guitarist and singer, and Dan and Dogboy hold down the rhythm. The music is great, riff-laden, straight forward, party rock n roll. The audio mix makes you feel like the band is in the room with you.

I wish more artists would be confident to deliver an EP full of great tunes, rather than an LP with a handful of good songs and a bunch of filler.

Don't miss The Drills previous album as well, "Kick Your A** In 17 Minutes". The Drills are quite simply the best American Rock band around. Bar None.

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