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Jake Y,

First to write a review! Great album. Love it!



It seems that the predominant sound in these three songs is a fuzzy, static sound that honestly makes the songs sound a bit sloppy. I'm definitely a hardcore glitch-mob fan; I really enjoyed Drink the Sea and all of the individual artist's music as well. I could imagine these songs sounding very good and exciting on a 50,000 watt speaker system at one of the glitch mob's shows, but they really just don't quite satisfy me through my headphones and they lack the hypnotic melodies and pulsing drums that were so evident on Drink the Sea. If I had to pick a favorite it would be Warrior's Concerto, but even that is lacking in a few ways. Its good music, don't get me wrong, but its not Glitch Mob.

About The Glitch Mob

Formed in 2006, L.A.'s Glitch Mob have wowed them on dancefloors around the world with a singular brand of bleepy electronica and heavy hip-hop-influenced basslines. After discovering that they were loosely affiliated with each other after performing at similar venues every night, the bandmembers began their musical partnership by DJing back to back as a "tag team." Consisting of four members (edIT, Boreta, Kraddy, and Ooah) armed with laptops and MIDI controllers, the Mob were associated with the new wave of Los Angeles' IDM/hip-hop scene of the late 2000s, along with the likes of Daedelus, Flying Lotus, and Samiyam, among others. Creating their own futuristic dance style with their noisy bass-driven electro, their material recalled the more raucous elements of works by electronic pioneers Aphex Twin and Autechre, as well as the heavier European breakbeat sound. Gaining considerable attention for their DJ sets in Los Angeles and San Francisco as well as being music veterans of the much fabled West Coast underground electro scene, the collective members began their foray into remixing in 2008, with the likes of Evil Nine and TV on the Radio benefiting from their sonic expertise. After citing "creative differences," founding member Kraddy left the group in 2009. The group carried on as a trio and released its debut album, Drink the Sea, in 2010. Four years later, Love Death Immortality arrived with Metal Mother, Nico Vega's Aja Volkman, and Sister Crayon's Terra Lopez as guest vocalists. ~ Aneet Nijjar

    Los Angeles, CA

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