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About Stef Ekkel

Stef Ekkel started performing at the age of four in the early '80s in a café owned by his parents in Kampen, but it wouldn't be until 2001 that he started his professional music career. His first single, "Op 'n Terrasje," was released to great acclaim and stayed in the Dutch Top 20 for eight weeks. The follow-up single, "Die Griekse Melodie," came in 2002 and cemented Ekkel's position as a favorite of Dutch radio. Ekkel released a string of albums throughout the end of the noughties including Samen Uit, Samen Thuis (2007), and Lekker Gezellig (2009), which saw him collaborating with folk singer Johnny Hoes. These releases were followed in 2010 with a best-of collection, and Ekkel released his fifth album, Gezelligheid Kent Geen Tijd, in 2011 which featured the Top Ten hit "Waarheen, Waarvoor." Ekkel continued to release singles, including 2012's "Marina" and 2013's "Die Ene Nacht Met Jou." ~ Rich Wilson

Kampen, The Netherlands
August 9, 1980