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16 Ratings

. .. …Coming Up For Air… .. .

Just watched his music video for “Coming Up For Air.” It was so gooood. I love this new vibe Selway has on this new track. Percussion sounds amazing. Cool synth sounds. And a really chill and spacey chorus. Selway’s voice is kind of becoming a little gem to me. Sounds different from his first album. But, I expect nothing less from the guys of Radiohead. Always bringing something new and innovative. Looking forward to more.


This one feels like a real album

It's pret-ty pret-ty pret-ty good. I really enjoyed the first two songs that were released and for the most part the rest of the album is great. I thought his previous album was good but better as background music. This album is something I can play and really get into. But don't take my word for it.



Really enjoying most of these songs. Do listen to this album through a good set of headphones. I hope Philip exerts a little more influence on Radiohead's next album... And Thom Yorke a little less.

About Philip Selway

Philip Selway followed in the footsteps of Radiohead bandmates Thom Yorke and Jonny Greenwood by releasing a solo album, Familial, in 2010. Previously known for his drumming, drum programming, and occasional background vocals, Selway slipped easily into songwriting mode while also switching to guitar. The groundwork for his solo album came with his participation in Neil Finn's 2001 all-star concerts, dubbed 7 Worlds Collide. 7 Worlds Collide later took the shape of a group and released an album, The Sun Came Out, in 2009. In addition to playing percussion and acoustic guitar, Selway provided a pair of hushed, folk-tinged songs — "The Ties That Bind Us" and "The Witching Hour" — and sang lead on them. Re-recordings of these two songs formed the basis of Familial. The album involved assistance from 7 Worlds Collide associates Lisa Germano, Soul Coughing's Sebastian Steinberg, and Wilco's Glenn Kotche and Jeff Tweedy. It was released in August 2010 through Bella Union in the U.K. and Nonesuch in the U.S. Selway's sophomore effort, Weatherhouse, followed in 2014. More complex and involving than his mostly acoustic debut, with a broader instrumental palette, it had something of the feel of latter-day Radiohead or Yorke's solo work but with an uncategorizable '80s/'90s melodic twist.

Following the 2016 release of Radiohead's A Moon Shaped Pool, Selway turned his attention to scoring the Polly Steele film Let Me Go. The soundtrack arrived in October 2017.

Abingdon, Oxfordshire, England
May 23, 1967




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