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4.7 out of 5
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44 Ratings

O'helyes ,

Album Reviewer Doesn't Get It

This album was recorded live in the studio with Craig Ross (of Lenny Karvitz fame) on 2nd guitar. It is an impressive feat, as many tunes morph into tasty extended jams with no safety net. Doyle II is quasi-rock royalty. His father, Doyle Bramhall Sr., was a talented blues musician & singer who co-wrote some of SRV's biggest hits. Doyle grew up in a house that often had SRV around, and it is said that SRV helped teach him guitar. Doyle is widely respected among musicians for his incredibly soulful & tasty guitar chops. He has been Eric Clapton's hand-selected sideman for many years, and Eric often let's Doyle take solos. Doyle also was the primary guitarist on some of Roger Waters' tours playing Pink Floyd material. Doyle is an immensely talented guitarist & singer, and this album is THE best showcase of his unique style. His approach on the album is old school with little to no overdubs. The songs vary between blues, blues-rock, & hard rock. This is a player who cut his teeth, literally cut his teeth, while immersed in the world of blues & rock in Austin, TX. He has spent his time in the trenches developing his chops, fought the demons of addiction and struggled to find his way at times, but this album represents Doyle II at his best. It is a shame that the album reviewer doesn't seem to "get" the album, describing it as "unconvincing" and lacking grit. I don't think the reviewer even knows what grit is. In a music world full of imitators & pretenders who can't function without auto-tuning, who have never played a musical instrument or written an original song, Doyle II and every song on this album represent real substance & true grit.

wedgewill ,

Monumentally Underrated

Doyle might be better known for his collaborations at this point, with artists such as Sheryl Crow, Eric Clapton, Roger Waters and Derek Trucks utilizing his considerable talents. His solo work is outstanding and this album really stands out. 'Green Light Girl' kicks off the album with a bang, a straight ahead rocker driven by a killer riff. The album's true standout track has to be 'So You Want It To Rain'. It starts off like a mellow lullaby and builds into a soaring chorus that floats atop his powerful guitar work and a pounding rhythm, the dynamic changes in this song are incredible.

'Soul Shaker' is another genuine highlight, a very melodic, up-tempo joy ride, while 'Helpless Man' makes for a blues rock anthem. A great deal of this album is steeped in the blues. 'Life' is one of the better blues tunes showing off Doyle's soulful vocals, while 'Cry' closes the album on a delicate and emotional note while retaining the melodic tone. That's 6 songs you have to check out. They're worth your time and certainly your 99 cents!

BlueCityGroove ,

One of the best!

Doyle hands down is one of the best artist out today. His guitar playing and vocals come straight out of his soul. Already a go to for Clapton and Waters, when you hear his sound, you'll understand why the greats seek him out!

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