13 Songs, 49 Minutes


About Moss Of Aura

Gerrit Welmers, keyboard player/programmer for Baltimore-based synth pop group Future Islands, records solo instrumental work under the name Moss of Aura. These recordings feature rich, bright melodies that are joyous yet slightly melancholy, along with thick midtempo beats. Welmers first began recording music as Moss of Aura in 2005 while living in Greenville, North Carolina; Future Islands started around the same time, although Welmers, guitarist William Cashion, and singer Samuel T. Herring had previously worked together as part of Art Lord & the Self-Portraits. Moss of Aura released several limited CD-Rs and cassettes, including a split with Future Islands that was also one of their first releases. Welmers' early solo releases were rough, glitchy, and experimental, but as with his main group, the project would streamline into a more accessible sound over time. By the time Moss of Aura made its vinyl debut in 2011, with the full-length LP Wading, the project neatly fit in with the chillwave aesthetic. Moss of Aura still remained active, but the project was put on hold for a while as Future Islands signed to 4AD and released their massively successful Singles album in 2014. In 2016, Moss of Aura returned with the full-length We'll All Collide, which featured a greater presence of guitars than his prior work.

Greenville, NC