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For and Unknown band i find them pretty impressive


The band Belasco is very unknown band that i think will be famous one day. The first time i heard them was on fifa 07. Then i listened to their other songs and was impressed, because most bands only have a few good songs on each album. But there whole entire CD is impressive. Keep up the amazing work.


Oscar Himself,

The first song I bought by Belasco was 15 Seconds, and I instantly loved it. I ended up buying the whole album of Something Between Us, and the more I listened to it, the better it got. 61 ranks just as high as it, with mind-blowing song like In The End, Swallow, and Lawman, the obvious top three songs for me, closely followed by The Earth and On a Wire. Belasco's unique singing and carefully written instrumental parts are incredible. I'm both dissapointed and shocked that Belasco isn't as well known as they should be. An amazing discovery, buy this album!

About Belasco

Around the end of 1999, singer/guitarist Tim Brownlow had performed several acoustic shows around Britain and wanted to do something bigger.

Deciding he wanted to form a band, he asked old friend Bill Cartlege to play the drums and the search for a bassist was on.

The first candidate was not terribly good, and one stray word from their bass-playing friend Duff Battye resulted in his firing and Battye's hiring.

Belasco was born, so the group started working on their sound, a hook-heavy variation on Britpop, and soon found themselves signed to fledgling Splendid Records within a month.

Everything came fast and furious, as their debut album Simplicity hit stores in the summer of 2000.

The band played throughout the UK to support it but the label went out of business and they were back where they started.

Capitalizing on their live popularity, the group stepped back into the studio and started recording their sophomore album for Supermusic Records. ~ Bradley Torreano

    London, England

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