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14 Ratings


This isn't even music


Horrible Lyrics

Wow... obviously she spent a pretty penny on production but forgot to hire someone to be honest with her on how horrible the lyrics are!!!! Both songs are just so so so so so bad! Typical woman from porn trying to be legit at something else.


In all honesty

The music is over produced with way too much auto-tune but that seems to be the way of the world these days. Somewhat catchy though if you are 13 years old. The lyrics are empty, meaningless and really have no flow at all. Lupe, you come from Spain yet I hear no Spanish influence in your music. Bands like Ojos de Brujo are mixing todays' beats with flamenco and it works! I bet if you sang in Espagnol you would probably need less auto tune as well as being able to express yourself better. The questions you must ask yourself is:
"Would your friends dance to this song at the club because they want to or because you are there and they don't want you to feel bad"
"Would your friends dance to this song at the club if you weren't there?'

In closing, I would say to Lupe, find people that won't just say yes to everything and that will give you an honest opinion. I know it has to be tough to be a hot chick these days. No man would say no to you. Your songs are pretty bad. You have some serious thinking to do before you try to pump out another song.

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