12 Songs, 49 Minutes


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15 Ratings

beaches 12 ,

80s will never die...

Listening to some of these titles,brings back alot of memories. It was a time that we where coming of age with music.To me, i think if you where growing up in the early 80s.It was a fun time. It was not a time like 2day. Its a time we can tell are grand kids about. You know the Music for one thing.I dont think it will ever go away.Went to alot of concerts growing up. And yes it wasnt all screaming little kids wanting there little boy bands. Or the girls to. We had a mixture of people. And it was fun..Where are those days anymore..Because they sure are not here now..And to anyone that nows the music, it sure sounds great. And you can go back in time in your mind, while listening to this wonderful music.. Until next time..Marine12 out

SassyRedHead ,

Bringing back the memories

Night Ranger is an excellent band....Listening to them brings back many memories....Old people can still rock to.

bucks22 ,

I miss the 80s

What a simpler time. No worries. No bills to pay except Gas for the Firebird and cassette tapes for the stereo. All I worried about was which Sussie Rotten Crotch I was banging that weekend. And all this music was liquid gold coming out of those 12 inch Cerwin Vegas.

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