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4.4 out of 5
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19 Ratings
Drizzlesqueak ,

Pretty disappointed, Definitely their worst album to date.

Waiting for the Dawn, and Kids in Love were to very different sounding albums, but they were still catchy, each had a very fresh track list that flowed nicely on each album, melodies and everything were on point. I have to say Where’d your Weekend Go feels a little rushed, and not as well put together as the other albums. None of the tracks really blew me away, and in a way this album sounds like the B-sides to Kids in Love, some of the tracks sound similar, but none of them are as good. Plus, several tracks are very short, which once again makes the album feel rushed, and not fleshed out.

Zoha_g ,

Amazing album!

Been waiting for a new album from them for so long! Love it so much!

Roarz123 ,

Absolutely Stunning

I'm a huge Mowgli's fan. I own every album available on iTunes, the singles that don't have an album, and I love the songs from their first album that were never released on iTunes. Out of all of these Mowgli's songs, this album trumps them all. It has a few of their normal upbeat songs, with songs like So What, and Automatic. Then, like every Mowgli's album, there's a couple of slower songs, which are just as good, if not better. Arms & Legs is one of my favorite songs on the album, and Open Energy is fantastic too. The thing about this album that really stunned me was the upbeat songs with sadder lyrics. This is something I haven't really seen from the Mowgli's before, but they made it work fantastically. Songs like Spiderweb and Monster are both great, and they sound happy, but are about sadder topics than most Mowgli's songs. But of course, they find a way to put a positive spin on anything. All in all, this album is, in my opinion, the best Mowgli's album to date, and definitely in my top three of all time.

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