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22 Ratings

This is a Great Compilation!

Canadian artists Susan & Terry Jacks (of "Seasons in the Sun" fame) were married when they enjoyed their short career run as The Poppy Family. They only had a handful of top 40 hits in the U.S., but were reportedly very popular in their home of Canada. Their music is a mix of folk, rock and some bubblegum. Somone once called their sound "light hippie rock". No problem, as every track on this compilation is a keeper.

The main reason why I bought this album on CD was to get a clean copy of "Where Evil Grows." This is a superb song that should have been a bigger hit when released in 1971. Susan's voice is marvelous and the production is very good. Other favorites on this album include "Evil Overshadows Joe", "That's Where I Went Wrong" (both mixes), "Beyond the Clouds" and the perennial fave, "Which Way You're Going Billy?"

I wish they would issue Susan's solo hit "All The Tea in China" on CD or to iTunes.


A Beaut!

A great compilation for the audiophile especially interested in the 1960's/early 1970's softie folk/psych; although tracks 12-19 have more of the Canadian country-ish lumberjack vibe...still a lovely album.

I have to disagree with itunes' blurb, tho. Susan Jack has a lovely voice; but, I would not call it "soulful." The lyrical content is much darker than The Carpenters, being in the zenith in the Vietnam protest era, but listen to Karen Carpenter's voice in "Reason to Believe"...Susan Jack's voice is much softer, higher and folkier than "soulful."


thats where i went wrong

i heard this song back in the 60'(?) and again when I was stationed at Ft. Bragg, and have been looking for this song ever since. when i did hear it, man it was great thanks ITUNES listen to this song and remember traveling the greyhond going to the next duty station with new jump wings and a feeling of everything this song says

About The Poppy Family

Susan Pesklevits and Terry Jacks met in the band Powerline. They later married and formed the Poppy Family in 1968. With guitarist Craig McCaw and percussionist Satwan Singh, the duo's third single, "Which Way You Goin' Billy," became a hit in the U.S. and their native Canada, selling over two million copies. The group recorded three albums in the early '70s: That's Where I Went Wrong and Which Way You Goin' Billy in 1970 and Poppy Seeds in 1971. Terry and Susan were divorced by 1973, however, and both began solo careers. Susan released Dream (1976), Ghosts (1980) and Forever (1982), but Terry became more successful when his "Seasons in the Sun" single went platinum in Canada (more than 150,000 units). His albums include Seasons in the Sun (1974), Y'Don't Fight the Sea (1976), Pulse (1983) and Into the Past (1989). ~ John Bush




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