12 Songs, 41 Minutes

Mastered for iTunes
Mastered for iTunes

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4.7 out of 5

66 Ratings

66 Ratings

Already Sounds GREAT!


Huge Fan! Seen Many Times Live! More To Come Also. Feet Wet Sounds Amazing And I Just Cant Wait For The Rest Of The Album!! Thanks Corey For Keep Brnging Us GREAT Music To Listen To!!!

Great Album


Corey Smith has another great album. Feet Wet is another hit! Looking forward to the whole album on June 23, 2015

Solid Album


I usually don’t care too much for music reviews, but I just listened to this album and I'm going to go ahead and write one…

I first found out about Corey in 2008 through his “Outtakes” album, so I had to do some catch-up on all his previous music. When I heard that album, I laughed a few times and thought “that guy would be cool to see in concert.” But I never thought too much more about it. Then I started digging into Corey’s music, and I realized that he was a heck of a songwriter. Songs like “As Angels Cry,” for example, were what hooked me on his music. I was amazed that I had never heard of him before, and couldn’t believe that more people didn’t know about him. I listened to his music, and I connected with the pain and life-struggles displayed in certain songs, and I laughed with him on others. His music was so raw and filled with emotion, which is what I connected with. Then “Keeping Up With The Joneses” came out and I was so disappointed. I felt like the emotion was gone and that he had “sold out.”

It’s really easy for an artist/band who has always been known for big productions with lots of instrumentation and studio work to strip it down and do something acoustic. It’s an almost guaranteed success. On the flip side it’s really hard for an artist who is known for very little production, instrumentation, studio work, etc. to go with more production. But honestly, it’s a very natural progression. It just surprises people (like myself) at the time and they all want it back the way it was before. But when I go back and look at the things that initially drew me to Corey’s music - the emotional, sometimes painful, well-written songs, and the songs that make you smile - they’re all still there. There just may be a few more instruments mixed in. Once I started realizing that, I started to be able to hear Corey’s music with a fresh set of ears, and I think Corey and his band are doing exactly what they should be doing - making great music. I still love the more acoustic based stuff, and I hope he never totally leaves that behind, but his newer sound takes nothing away. In fact it adds to it. This album specifically has a lot of great songs on it. I think my favorite is “Taking the Edge Off.” I never thought I would like Dahlonega on record like it is here, but I actually really like it. Other favorites are “Bend,” “Flip-Flop,” and “Blow Me Away.” So Corey if you read this, keep doing what you’re doing man!

About Corey Smith

Country singer, songwriter, and guitarist Corey Smith was born in Jefferson, Georgia, just a few miles from Athens, the region's musical center. Growing up with country music, he developed a writing style that steered clear of the genre tropes of trucks and backroad bonfire parties and pointed toward a less idealized but more natural view of what it was to be country in the 21st century. Following high school he attended Gainesville State College, transferred to the University of West Georgia, and eventually ended up at the University of Georgia, where he majored in social studies. He had already written some songs, and started performing them at parties, gaining encouragement from his friends and peers. Following college, Smith taught world history, world geography, and guitar at North Gwinnett High School in Georgia for a time before leaving to pursue music full-time at the age of 28. He began to release his own self-produced albums beginning with 2003's Undertones, followed a year later by In the Mood. He released three more albums (2005's The Good Life, 2007's Hard-Headed Fool, and 2009's Keeping Up with the Joneses) on his own Undertone imprint before finally breaking into the country charts at number 17 with 2011's The Broken Record, which came out on the Nashville label Average Joe's Entertainment. He quickly followed up with Live in Chattanooga (2012) and the acoustic Maysville in the Meantime (2014), gaining new fans and admirers with each release. Working with an outside producer for the first time, he teamed up with Keith Stegall, whose work with the Zac Brown Band comes close to Smith's feel and approach to country music. He signed with prominent roots label Sugar Hill in early 2015 and delivered While the Gettin' Is Good a few months later. ~ Steve Leggett & Timothy Monger




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