5 Songs, 15 Minutes


The first half of the British duo's two-part album.

Mastered for iTunes


The first half of the British duo's two-part album.

Mastered for iTunes

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12 Ratings

AQUILO never, EVER disappoints!

Ben and Tom are incredibly talented and I’m an audiophile, music is most definitely my religion. I first heard them several years ago on one of the CW shows and suddenly they were all over every CW show and other network shows as well. So saying I am a fan of their music is an understatement. Since I first heard them, I don’t think I’ve gone a single day without listening to their music.

My nearly six year old son is also VERY into them. So much so that he basically became their unofficial Twitter fan base mascot. The guys saw a Tweet from me letting them know I’d be seeing them in San Francisco last month and promised they’d hold a CD for their youngest fan since he couldn’t come with me.

The show was everything I’d hoped for and more. After the show when the crowds died down somehow Ben seemed to recognize me from my Tweets, gave me a huge hug, as did Tom. I told them to just meet with fans, I wasn’t in a rush. I got the CD their RAD photographer/merch guy for the US tour tried to GIVE me, I refused even though I own every song they’ve released, even paid $5 extra for it...then I gave THEM a card and a present from my son...HE autographed two big fridge magnets of himself with his faux hawk for them. They loved it, or were kind enough to fake it really well LOL. Just a great moment.

Onto THIS - the first half of “ii”. It is different AND equally as good as ALL of their music. They don’t sound like anyone else and I love that...with the exception of “Ghost” and it blew my mind. Still waiting to hear from Ben if I’m right, but it sounds SO much like an amazing BECK song. I don’t mean they are imitating a BECK song, I mean it sounds like BECK! I played the song for my husband the day it came out and said “Hey! Who does this sound like?” He immediately said “BECK!” He loves the entire EP as well.

I cannot recommend this duo enough. If you’ve never heard them and want or need more than song clips go watch their videos online, not saying where, we ALL no where and I don’t want to get in trouble. And if you get the chance to see them live. GO! Incidentally the name is phonetically pronounced Uh-Quill-Oh. LOVE THEM! And no I’m not a fan girl type. I loved meeting them, but I do that stuff for my son until he’s old enough to go to shows with me. AQUILO! Buy. Now! Buy every song.


amazing ep!

so talented! looking forward to side b

About Aquilo

Consisting of Tom Higham and Ben Fletcher, Aquilo are a British duo who make atmospheric, melancholy, downtempo electronic pop songs. Nearly all of their songs are about heartbreak, loss, and regret, but songs such as "Human" (produced by kindred spirit Sohn) contain a small flicker of hope. Hailing from the village of Silverdale in northern England, the duo played in harder-edged rock bands, often sharing gigs, before beginning to write softer material as solo artists. They came across one another's music online, and seeing that they lived close to each other, a collaboration was natural. They began writing songs as Aquilo in 2013, and released a self-titled EP in early 2014. The songs immediately received attention from blogs, and "You There" received BBC Radio 1 airplay. The duo appeared on the BBC Introducing stage at the 2014 Glastonbury Festival, and their performance was received warmly. Island Records signed the duo and released their second EP, Human, by the end of the year. The duo contributed to Madeon's debut album, Adventure, in early 2015, and a collaboration with Vanic titled "Losing You" appeared online, receiving millions of hits. Aquilo's third EP, Calling Me, appeared in June of 2015. Painting Pictures of a War, an EP of previously released singles, was released at the end of the year. In early 2016, the duo moved to London and released a live EP titled Midnight. Their hotly anticipated debut album, Silhouettes, featuring production from the likes of Lexxx, Johnny McDaid, and Ólafur Arnalds, dropped in early 2017. In September of that year, Aquilo returned with the lush single "I Could Fight on a Wall," which later appeared on 2018's ii, a two-part full-length release divided into distinct A- and B-sides. ~ Paul Simpson

Silverdale, Lancashire, England