12 Songs, 34 Minutes


About Mike O'Neill

As one half of the powerful bass-and-drum combo the Inbreds, Mike O'Neill made a name for himself as both songwriter and performer. Stumping critics who said it could never be done, he managed to create a full and melodic sound not using any guitars. O'Neill and bandmate Dave Ullrich collaborated on Koimbinator, which brought the attention of TAG Records. The label deal brought them worldwide promotion and the opportunity to tour Europe and the U.S. to gain more exposure. It's Sydney or the Bush and Winning Hearts followed. The latter would prove to be their final recording. After six years together, O'Neill decided that he had done as much as possible with the limited bass and drum format and decided to go it alone. What Happens Now, his 1999 debut as a solo artist on Perimeter, finds him composing tracks meant for a full band. ~ Jennifer Jones



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