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4.3 out of 5
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21 Ratings
TVDan1043 ,

Got me through the summer of 1989.

If you like the "Wild Wild West" single, download the entire album! There isn't a bad song here, which is why it never left my tape deck in 1989. It's best listened to beginning-to-end, because everything just flows. I had forgotten that "Walking Through Walls" was a single, but that's probably because I tend to think of this album as a whole and not as 10 individual songs. Of course, the title track went to #1 and everyone has heard it on the radio, but the other 9 songs are all just as good. "The Longest Day" is one of the greatest drive-all-night songs ever recorded, "Staring At the Sun" has some awesome lead guitar playing, and "Only the Rain" is good blues-rock that really shows off Trevor Steel's vocal talents. To this day this is still my favorite album and the only one I can listen to the entire CD over and over without skipping a track.

Tadd 5150 ,

Exceeds Expectations!

I orginially bought this album on sale expecting to only like the hits it had garnered "Wild Wild West" and "Shake for the Sheik" but was pleasantly suprised to find the album is a solid listen all the way through. "Walking Through Walls", "Only The Rain" and "Goodbye Joey Rae" round out what I would consider to be the best of the rest.

spencer909 ,

Very dated, but it brings back the memories

This album really is the epitome of cheesy, late '80s pop music - the throwaway lyrics, the breathy keyboards, the ultra-clean, chorus-drenched guitar strums. They're all here, so if you are an aficionado of that style, you can't get a purer example of it than this album - I mean, they admit as much right there in the chorus of the title track ("heading for the nineties / living in the wild wild west"). For me, there's a sentimental attachment, since I listened to this cassette all through my senior year in high school, and that probably explains the three stars I gave it (even these song snippets remind me of *that girl* - you know the one). Still, there are some really catchy melodies here and it's still kind of fun, even if only in an ironic, retro way.

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