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Haunting and Vulnerable

Jen Wood has been no stranger in the Indie Scene. She merged out of mist of the 90's Riot Grrrl Scene being the other half of Tattle Tale. While the disband of Tattle Tale she pursue a solo career releasing several albums on debunked indie labels. Here on her 7th release in her own indie label you have her leaving her acoustic side and singing a more mature tune. Her haunting voice echoes out her vulnerability on these tracks which sing in a different tone than any of her past releases. I've always said Jen Wood is an unsung hero that has always been overlooked.


lovely album

I was half asleep one afternoon and awoke to a song playing on KEXP that I could not get out of my head. It was “Fell in Love” by Jen Wood. I bought it and then bought the rest of her album. She has a wonderful voice and the arrangement is beautiful. Buy this!

About Jen Wood

After several years fronting the acoustic duo known as Tattle Tale, vocalist Jen Wood parted ways from the band and her hometown of Seattle in 1996 for Santa Cruz, California. During her yearlong tenure, she recorded a number of heartfelt pop songs that only consisted of her and her acoustic guitar. Released on her own label, Radar Light, all 11 tracks would make up the No More Wading album that debuted on cassette in 1997. Following the recording of her second album, Getting Past the Static, that same year with that dog. violinist Petra Haden, Wood moved back to Seattle and saw her work released by W.I.N. Records in 1998. Following a split EP on Tree Records with Joan of Arc frontman Tim Kinsella, Wood's first official album, No More Wading, was reissued in May of 1998. Collaborations with Jeremy Enigk and Postal Service followed, with the latter yielding the hit single "Nothing Better" in 2002. In 2010 Wood issued her official sophomore outing, Finds You in Love, via New Granada. The piano and electronica-driven Wilderness followed in 2014. ~ Mike DaRonco

Seattle, Washington



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