12 Songs, 35 Minutes

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Saw Justin, live, in Northfield, Minnesota. Awesome, that's all there is to it. I've never seen my kids dance so much, for so long, with such huge smiles on their faces. Justin's songs are lively, singable, and never lose their freshness. Pick up any of his albums, your kids will thank you... and see him in concert!

Yellow Bus Rocks!


Love this CD! My 10-month old daughter is content when it plays. The CD is enjoyable, which is HUGE that I can say that, especially when it is all we listen! Justin Roberts is a genius! The songs are from a child's perspective and they are funny from an adult's point of view. My visiting niece loved it and every time we would get in the car, she would ask to play "In the Car." It was too cute!!

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