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Wind Chimes


I am trying to be fair because I listened to the excerpts provided and not the entire album. I expected to hear wind chimes, not piano music and so was disappointed in that respect. This may very well be a fine album for someone else, but you should warn a prospective buyer looking for a specific type of music that you have nothing to do with playing wind chimes.

Greg Maroney - "Wind Chimes"


Maroney is easily my favorite of the pianists currently performing under the "Whisperings" umbrella. I haven't seen him on one of the Whisperings concerts yet, but I hope to if they ever come to my town. "Wind Chimes" is my favorite of his CDs so far. My favorite tracks are "Breathe," "Dance of the Imagination," "Spring Breeze" and "Dancing Dogs" (I guess there's a story behind the title of that last piece, but if there is, I don't know what it is. It's a good song, though.) , "Taking Wind" and the title track, "Wind Chimes."
Check out "Breathe" for starters. Maroney is a pleasure to listen to.

One of my favorite songs of all time


Breathe. It makes you stop, listen and find yourself.

About Greg Maroney

Contemporary instrumentalist Greg Maroney's solo piano compositions evoke wistful stories and images of the rural American countryside, in particular central Pennsylvania, where he resides with his wife and many animals. Maroney began studying both classical and jazz piano at age five and later, in the early '70s, studied classical Indian music as well. The pianist performs throughout the Pennsylvania area -- at local restaraunts, radio stations, weddings, private parties, even the governor's mansion -- and has also released a series of albums -- Songs of the Water Rose (1997), Copper Hat (2001), Sentinel (2002) -- all of which feature original compositions. ~ Jason Birchmeier



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