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8 Ratings

Another Fantastic Album from David Nevue!!


David’s previous release, Open Sky, has been my favorite David Nevue album for the last couple of years, but this new album just knocked it down to the number two slot. Winding Down is filled with captivating melodies, rhythmic emotional movement, and a dark undertone that delivers some of the best kind of musical darkness one can hear. Combined with his absolutely brilliant album artwork… some of the best artwork I’ve seen on an album… this complete package of art, music and emotional release is a stellar creation that every Nevue fan should own. Well done David!

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"Winding Down," David Nevue’s fifteenth solo piano release, is one of his most powerful and personal albums to date. While on an extended break from touring and performing, Nevue found that without the pressures of being on the road and baring his soul at each performance, the creative juices started flowing freely and he composed most of the album’s fifteen tracks over a six-week period. Nevue explains that the album was “inspired” by his growing sense of the shortness of time, with major world events accelerating from crisis to crisis so quickly that we just can’t keep up. “It’s as if our physical realm is caught in a whirlpool, winding down with increasing velocity toward the ‘end of the age’.” He goes on to say “My awareness of this, and of what I know is yet to come, has created a yearning in me. The music on this album is a reflection of that yearning.” Although much of the music is very somber and dark, Nevue’s primary message is of hope and of looking forward to Jesus’ return.

Compositionally, Nevue intentionally included musical surprises in each piece. He also arranged the playing order so that each subsequent piece goes up in key, never down, challenging him to compose in keys he doesn’t often create with. Additionally, “While the overall tone of the album is dark, the music is thoughtful and prayerful. It's what soulful yearning sounds like... music to comfort you in difficult, trying times. This is solo piano music to inspire hope in a crazy, out of control world. The return of Hope grows closer with each passing day.” The album was recorded at Piano Haven Studio on a Shigeru Kawai concert grand, engineered and mastered by Joe Bongiorno.

"Winding Down" begins with “The Acceleration Of Time,” a piece that grows in intensity as it evolves and is one of my favorites. I’ve always been drawn to Nevue’s more intense music and this piece is no exception. Can’t wait for the sheet music! “Foreshadows” is very distinctively Nevue and also very intense, dark and mysterious. “Clockwork” was born as an improvised duet in concert with pianist/composer Neil Patton and stands as one of my favorite Nevue pieces ever. Patton appears on this recording, too. Bravo, you guys! The title track is somewhat less turbulent, but powerful emotions are expressed with a beautifully flowing energy. In “Toward the Inevitable,” Nevue uses the damper pedal to create feelings of vast space and dread (my interpretation). “Under a Cloud” goes even darker and more desolate. With “The Four Winds,” the mood starts to lighten a bit and turns to almost joyful in “New Mercies.” “Our Hope Is Here” becomes peaceful and ethereal, reflecting on passages from the hymn “Fairest Lord Jesus.” “A Thousand Years And After” brings the album to a gentle close without a trace of fear, chaos, or despair.

David Nevue always shares so much of his heart and soul in his music, but I think he did so more than ever in "Winding Down." It’s truly an amazing album and I can’t imagine anyone being unmoved by the power and passion of the music. The cover artwork by Matt Streiby is also incredible. Very highly recommended!

Bravo David Nevue!!!


It was on the third day of listening to David Nevue’s newest CD, ‘Winding Down,’ that I came upon a fascinating realization. As a long-time fan of all his music, I had felt as if I were hearing David Nevue for the first time! The pieces are original and fresh - so like his creative soul. While some cheerful measures were sneaked into the mix, most of the tracks are melancholy and deliciously dark in tone.

The list of my “favorites” keeps growing and I will cite a few! “Foreshadows” and “Toward the Inevitable” are superbly shadowy & mysterious while “Beneath the Surface” and David’s duet with brilliant Whisperings artist, Neil Patton, “Clockwork,” is fabulously powerful and dynamic! The piano used for the entire recording, a Shigeru Kawai, is warm and clear throughout the album. Its exceptional tone made David's remarkable smooth & jazzy piece, "Behold a Mystery" and the exotic tango, “Through a Glass Darkly,” shine!

I enjoy “The Long Regret,” for its winsome and soulful theme, the dark rhythmic melody of “Under a Cloud” and the carefree optimism & joy found within “The Four Winds” and “New Mercies.” “Our Hope is Here,” is a lovely, meditative impromptu weaving of two beautiful hymns (“Fairest Lord Jesus” and “Just as I Am”).

David’s composition that brings me to tears ~ and one that I absolutely adore ~ is the bittersweet, engaging waltz, “Winding Down.” I will never tire of it!
If these weren't enough wonderful pieces to keep a listener delighted with this CD, it is the opening track, “The Acceleration of Time,” that knocks this album out of the ballpark! The melody, the keys, the speed in rhythm, the entire arrangement ~ composed & played in the unique Nevue-style ~ is utterly spectacular!

What a pleasure it is for me to highly recommend, ‘Winding Down!’ It is a fabulous new project that this extremely talented composer and pianist has taken to an entirely new level.
Bravo David!!!



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