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4.6 out of 5

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over seas classic!

blacqryeno ,

ck its too late & people wanna know !!

Don't Think Twice, buy this CD.


First off, I would love to give this CD 5 stars because if you look at it for TT's beats it's top notch, but some of the emcees aren't the greatest, but on the other end of the spectrum there are some amazing emcees here. Good lyrics, some catchy hooks and audio gems galore. Think Twice is actually part of Specifics, the dynamic duo of him and emcee Golden Boy who features on some of the songs (which are arguably the best ex. Stars). Thinkin' twice about coppin this? Checkout Stars, People Wanna Know, Time's Passin Me By, and Esto Es which is actually a spanish song, but damn 1st off the beat is sick and the emcee has a sick flow and great voice. Don't sleep on this CD.

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