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Finally a classical musician who could be a rock star :). One needs guts to cover the whole "Sgt. Pepper's" and this guy did it brilliantly. He did not try to prove how clever and educated he may or may not be. Instead, he decided to simply play with and further reveal the mastery that lies in Beatles' music. While Mr. K.'s "She's Leaving Home" or "Lucy In The Sky" certainly match the quality of the standard classical guitar repertoire, "Lovely Rita" and "A Day In the Life" go a step further, bringing the album to the boiling point.

Brilliant! Better than Beatles.


Sgt Pepper is no doubt one of the top 20 albums since the beginning of Earth. After listening to Branimir's cover I am convinced that this is even better than Beatles themselves. I strongly recommend it to anyone. But here's a warning for those kids who first hear this album and then hear original: you will feel that the original is a simple Brit-pop cover of the rocky, cool, guitar album.

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