1 Song, 3 Minutes


About Dogzilla

With its energetic blend of straight-ahead rock, funk, grunge and DC-style go go, Dogzilla was one of Boston's top dance bands of the late-1980s and early-90s. While lead guitarist George Hall, songwriting and solid guitar rhythms of Sean Brann shared most of the spotlight, Dogzilla remained anchored the funky rhythms of Washington, DC-born percussionist Jim Billbrough, bassist Andy McGuire and Keith Moon-like drummer, Fudge.

The origins of Dogzilla trace back to the Archbishop's Enema Fetish, a mid-1980s band that had managed to get itself banned from most Boston clubs. After the group disbanded, in the spring of 1987, four members continued to play together as Dogzilla. Adding Billbrough on percussion, they performed their debut show, as opening act for the Dead Milkmen, at Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts.

Although they released two impressive albums -- Allizgod in 1991 and There's Always Something Wrong the following year -- Dogzilla was unable to break through to a national audience and disbanded. Hall went on to play with Boston-based World beat band, Seks Bomba. ~ Craig Harris