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7 Ratings



What a gift to get to listen to this song over and over and be reminded of an ancient truth in my soul. Every time I listen to It I get deep currents of electricity pulsing through my system that anchors in the Wisdom Preeta sings about. We are the priestess of wealth, of health of all Beauty and Truth on all levels. It is TIME to let go of what doesn’t serve us, or what holds us back from honoring this message in our life. I can’t stop listening to it and am so grateful to have it as a reminder and uplifter. THANK YOU PREETA for calling it in!

Beautiful Vocals


Preeta is the archetypal priestess of the New Age and her music embodies her heart's shout. Woman has whispers of Sade and Sarah McLaughlin and is sung with deep feeling and emotion. Preeta truly embodies the message in her music by tapping into the vast internal strength women have and reminding us of it.


Sun Woman

I love this song! It is my favorite song to play as an introduction to women's gatherings or workshops. It's the perfect song to encourage the rise of the feminine within each of us. I can feel the emotion of truth in Preeta's voice penetrating my bones. It's a song I could play over and over again to build my spirit and I've seen this in other women in my classes.

There is something deeply healing in Preeta's voice that is carried through her music. It is as if the divine feminine is being channeled through her and touching the divine feminine within the listener to activate the healing and respect that is needed during these powerful times.