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27 Ratings
goletend ,

so sad

Raine Maida in a room with a computer and no instruments…not OLP

Gogdor ,


I was even on board with Gravity...thought it was a pretty solid collection of songs. Everything since then has been filler, and the cushion has been sat on for so long that the stuffing is flat. This is only a single off of the upcoming album, but it does not inspire. If you like Burn, Burn and Curve, you may be into this style of music, but OLP used to be more. It's been a while since OLP put out an album that had inspiration; it sounds as if they just cobbled together 20 chord progressions and felt obliged to release them as albums. This song points to that trend continuing.

Carlos NY ,

Hey OLP, read the reviews on Naveed...

...then read the more recent album reviews. Not only were people fired up about Naveed, but these early ablum reviews were more intelligent– with a noticeable decline in quality of review writing for the post Mike Turner/Arnold Lanni work. It seems the dumbing down of OLP's music once Bob Rock infected the band goes hand-in-hand with the dumbing down of their fans. New reviews hilariously describe sound as 'upbeat' and 'exciting'– as if it's a car and the best thing you can say about it is that it's 'roomy.' I used to be a huge fan, having been to at least a dozen OLP shows between 1997–2002 and it pains me to say that they 'Won't Turn Back' because they CAN'T Turn Back. Without Mike Turner and Arnold Lanni, there is no chemistry and absolutely nothing interesting about this band. Not even listenable anymore. RIP OLP.

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