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One more thing...

derring dodette,

...I forgot to mention that "Damu Ya Salaam" is a wonderful cover of Sting's "Russian." Try that one, and move on the the rest, I doubt you'll be sorry.

Honestly beautiful


This album is earthy and thoughful. It makes me think of putting my hands in clean soil and appreciating what spings forth from such seemingly humble beginnings. Her voice inspires quiet excitement; to put the body to rest and the mind to work. The language and tone are beautiful, like an opera telling a story; even if I don't understand the words, I still understand it on a deeper level. There are songs of struggle and joy, practical and emotional. It's honest.

About Khadja Nin

Singer Khadja Nin was born and raised in the African country of Burundi. Her spoken languages include French, Swahili, and Kirundi. She credits Miriam Makeba as her mentor and sings mainly on humanitarian topics she has witnessed growing up in Africa. On Ya, her debut album released in October of 2000, she collaborated with Sting's guitarist Dominic Miller and Howard Jones. Nin is comparable to the worldly sounds of Cesaria Evora and Les Nubians. ~ Diana Potts

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