2 Songs, 5 Minutes


About Coltrane Motion

Noisy dance-pop duo Coltrane Motion began collaborating in 2000 in a small Ohio town before relocating to Chicago to establish their career. Known for their no-holds-barred reckless stage shows that rival electro-clash giants the Faint's body twisting antics, singer Michael Bond crafts simple, sugary pop tracks only to have guitarist Matt Dennewitz virtually drown them in a shoegazey pool of distortion, fuzz, and drum loops. Toss in some retro farfisa and synth, and these programmers have a soulful intensity that's less like their post-punk contemporaries and more like Jesus & Mary Chain and New Order decided to have a jam session with the Who, although in quieter moments, one could argue they mimic early Death Cab for Cutie or even Beck.

After releasing a handful of split singles and contributing to compilations, Coltrane Motion gained acclaim in 2005 when Midwestern indie label Datawaslost released their EP No, Well Ok, Maybe Just a Little. Their first full-length in 2007, Songs About Music, only fueled their reputation as an electro band that owes as much to the the Ronettes as they do to LCD Soundsystem. In March of 2009 they released a 7" on Datawaslost and an MP3 version with bonus remixes on 75orLess Records entitled The Year Without a Summer. ~ Heather Wellman