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191 Ratings

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Having subscribed to Yearbook for the last year, I thought it might be helpful to highlight the best tracks (hence my title).

My very favorite song is actually the very first, Homesick. If the word "magical" was enough to describe it, that is what I'd say... Well, I guess that's all I'll say. It has the best line from the whole album "If love's elastic, then were we born to test its reach?" Epic.

"Accidental Light" is the most addictive, best sing-along track. "Snow" is a must-add-to your Christmas collection. Start off the year right with the most upbeat (albeit not much) song, "January White." If you're looking for a soothing melancholy tune "Birthright" is a good start. Jon Foreman's presence is a plus. Brooke Waggoner's guest track, "In the Meantime" is a beautiful please-shed-a-tear-with-me song. On the opposite end, "Pacific Blues" sounds like it came from an old creepy stop-motion film, although it is good. Lastly, there's a buffet of emotions from my favorite instrumental, "Households."

Other Goodies: Next to Me, Bright & Early, Emphasis, Learning Curve, Intermission, Hourglass, Aperture, Noble Aim

(You get the idea: it's all good! Save time and just buy the whole thing and listen to it on shuffle. You're Welcome.)

Lullaby from an angel


his voice is so unique and amazing:) lyrics are brilliant and the octaves that he reaches make his voice unpredictable which makes the artist in my opinion. love it



I would suggest everyone buy this work. Some of the best lyrics I have ever heard are in these songs. The song, "Snow", moves me every time...it is truly a brilliant song. I have been at Sleeping at Last fan for quite some time now - I'm just so glad he's still making music!

About Sleeping At Last

Based out of suburban Chicago, emo-inflected alt-rockers Sleeping at Last formed in 1999 around the talents of guitarist/vocalist Ryan O'Neal, drumming sibling Chad O'Neal, and bass player Dan Perdue. The trio began to build a local following, playing wherever possible and doing the occasional support gig. After sparking the interest of Billy Corgan with their self-released full-length, Capture, the erstwhile Smashing Pumpkin aided the group in securing a record deal with Interscope, who signed the band in late 2002. Ghosts, their official debut, appeared in October 2003, followed by a national tour opening for Switchfoot. The independently released Keep No Score arrived in 2006, followed in 2009 by Storyboards, the latter of which featured orchestral arrangements by Van Dyke Parks.

By this time, Sleeping at Last had become a solo vehicle for Ryan O'Neal, who was reaping the rewards of a burgeoning composing career, landing songs on popular television shows like Grey's Anatomy, Bones, Criminal Minds, Believe, and So You Think You Can Dance; the Sleeping at Last song "Turning Page" appeared in two versions of the original motion picture soundtrack for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn as well. O'Neal is also the composer for the Rainn Wilson-produced children's program Kid President: Declaration of Awesome on the HUB network. In 2011, under the Sleeping at Last moniker, O'Neal began releasing three songs a month for the ambitious, subscription-based Yearbook project. The long-form conceptual Atlas enterprise followed the same format in 2013, with its first installment, Atlas: Year One (30 Songs), reaching completion the following year. Commissioned by the ABC network (for Grey's Anatomy), Covers, Vol. 1 arrived that same year, while 2016 saw the release of the original motion picture soundtracks for the films Many Beautiful Things and The Spring. Covers, Vol. 2 was also released in 2016, and Atlas: Space arrived the following year. ~ James Christopher Monger

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