3 Songs, 54 Minutes


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yoga & science dude

I got up after the longer practice feeling like the knots in my muscles had been smoothed out while my distracted mind settled down into something like crystal clear peace. This is a truly outstanding Yoga Nidra practice led by someone who is clearly expert and kind. I see so many uses for this and I look forward to listening to this many times.

Outstanding yoga nidra practice

runner brain

As someone who has struggled with sleep issues and muscle fatigue and soreness, I find this new yoga nidra cd to be very helpful. It has helped me to find a sense of composure and conscious awareness which enable me to deal with my problems. Sometimes, I find I am drifting off because I am so relaxed by the calm and soothing voice of Ms. Sherman. If you suffer from these same problems, this yoga nidra cd is the perfect prescription for you.



Best Yoga Nidra recordings on the market. Donna is a masterful teacher of yoga and mindfulness. Her delivery of yoga nidra reflects a rare combination of serious study of yogic philosophy, a lifetime of yoga practice, years of clinicial experience and comprehensive training in mindfulness skills.

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